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Ancestral Witch

This program is a Shamanic based program and transformative journey rooted in learning and embodying the spiritual traditions and practices of one's ancestors.

Through a series of over 20 classes, you will learn to honor and communicate with well-line ancestors, build ancestral altars, engage in shamanic journeying, and explore various practices such as the Pagan Wheel of the Year, elemental witchcraft, and Seidr (Nordic Shamanic practices). Our comprehensive curriculum also includes lessons on spiritual discernment, somatic embodiment, quantum inner child healing, and the art of divination, all aimed at fostering personal and familial growth.

In this program we will: 

  • Forge a deep connection with your lineage
  • Teach you how to connect to the shamanic realms
  • Cultivate your magick practice by drawing on ancestral wells of power
  • Create the four pillars of your personal craft.
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Soul & Synastry

Soul & Synastry is a 13 moon/1 year program created and led by Lauren Wilde. This is an embodied astrology & tarot program focused on healing the constellation known as your Self. This program will support your spiritual, psychological, and somatic health through the lens of esoteric & archetypal astrology, tarot, ritual, and wild embodiment.

This program is for: 

  • Those that yearn for a new spiritual perspective that honors their freedom and longing for a new world.

  • Those that want to look at their natal chart and actually understand it.

  • Those who are interested in possibly studying astrology and tarot professionally.

  • Anyone seeking to become sovereign in themselves and know themselves more fully.

  • Those deconstructing from religious beliefs such as Christianity.
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Wilde Apprentice

The Wilde Apprenticeship is High Priestess Lauren Wilde's signature 13-moon/1-year program. In 2024, for the first time, the program is split into two terms. Students spend the first 6 months learning the basics of witchcraft, divination, and other esoteric arts in a safe and supportive coven environment. Those who wish to go on to certify as Wilde Circle Facilitators spent the second 6 months learning how to plan, promote, and execute their own New Moon circles. 
This program is for those who:
  • Desire to dig into the esoteric arts but want a reliable and trustworthy guide.
  • Are leaving or have left evangelical Christianity but don't know where their next path is.
  • Are longing for safe and authentic community with like-minded¬†female-identified folks.
  • Want to learn to lead others in their own spiritual journeys using Wilde Spirit Facilitation principles and methods.¬†
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If this is your first reading with Lauren, we highly recommend an in-depth reading of your natal chart before scheduling a transit reading.

Hi, I'm Lauren Wilde - 

and I am the founder and Headmistress of Wilde Spirit School. I practice earth-based wild feminine spirituality and am led by the stars and my wise ancestors. I wear many hats and share many types of medicines. I am first a mother - to my three wild boys, my students and my community.

I am weaver of the planetary and personal. I am a believer in open minded progress and, that to be whole, we must value both the Shadow and Light. I earnestly seek wisdom and authenticity.

I am not an ambassador of the whimsical light and love community. I am the light I seek. I recognize it's not outside of me, and I help other people see and embody their own personal light and truth too. I believe in responsibility taking and actionable change as well grace and compassion.

I believe in being both human and spirit.

I value authenticity and wild longing. 

I howl at the moon every full moon. 

I drink herbal tea, and laugh at The Office..

I love lipstick and beautiful jewelry.

And I love the weird and the wild wayward ones..

‚ÄčMy hope is that your seeking heart feels seen here.

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From Our Students

"This class has completely changed my relationship with myself, others, my future generations, and my ancestors. I feel so plugged in to my power, my sovereignty, and my choices." 


Tara, OH, USA

Lauren has guided me and challenged me to name, heal, transmute and transform through her mastery of shadow work. She opened my heart, soul, mind and eyes to my divine sovereignty, now able to step into the light of my authentic self and embrace my truest self-expression freely for the first time in my life."


Laurie, Australia

"Ancestral Witch truly changed my life. This program helped me uncover several sources of trauma in myself and my family and begin healing them, and better understand the relationship I have with my living family members."


Natalie, OR, USA

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